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Kia Mau – Waiata and Haka associated with the 28th Māori Battalion: A resource for history teachers

The history section of these teachers’ notes begins with an introduction to oral history: how it can be used to enhance teaching and learning, and its sometimes contested nature. Questions for further discussion cover the three ‘big ideas’ of historical learning: understanding and using historical evidence, understanding historical perspective and understanding historical relationships. Ideas are given about how to use Kia Mau to address these big ideas, including questions to enable students to think critically about the Māori Battalion. Advice is also available for teachers on incorporating Kia Mau into the history curriculum guidelines; fitting in the Key Concepts, the Best Evidence Synthesis and the Key Competencies.

Three units of study are available at each NCEA level, designed to suit the relevant achievement objectives. There are many lesson ideas, and suggestions are made about the Achievement Standards which could be used as assessments.

The activities within each unit provide ideas that teachers can use with students to develop conceptual understandings. They are suggestions only – able to be adapted to accommodate student/community needs.